A brand of a new generation

Elecobike is a brand of a new generation of Internet companies that integrates design, research and development, production and online direct sales. From the product to the customer, there is no middle link! Let Elecobike users get very reliable products and excellent services at the right price.


ELECOBIKE – exclusive distributor for Sweden – Denmark – Finland – Norway.
For RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET – KUBA MOTOR , top brands in the cycling sector of the MJ group, an industrial motorcycle and cycling group formed by BENELLI, KUBA, RKS, APERYDER ,SKYJET, SEGWAY, RELIVE , NIEVE.

The electric bikes offered by the RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET – KUBA MOTOR brands in collaboration with ELECOBIKE are state-of-the-art products made up of innovative technologies at the top of performance both in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Quality through every detail

RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET -KUBA MOTOR electric bikes are tested in the design and production phase to guarantee the customer an excellent product. Batteries and electrical systems are tested with the aim of maximizing their resistance, using only technologies in accordance with the law.

All RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET – KUBA MOTOR electric bikes are equipped with a state-of-the-art pedal assist system capable of capturing the movement of the pedal and managing the speed, eliminating the user’s effort. All RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET models are also made of high-quality materials, steel frames with silkscreen printing, forks with shock absorbers, gel or prostatic saddles, SHIMANO shifters and disc brakes.

Buying an RKS – APERYDER – SKYJET – KUBA MOTOR e-bike means relying on a leader able market, thanks to its experience to design and build electric bikes of the highest quality at best prices.