Warranty / Agreement and Returns

Refund policy

We are sure you will  LOVE  your  ELECOBIKE, but if you are not happy, we are sorry and we guarantee a refund on orders returned to us within 14 days of delivery.

All returned ELECOBIKE  must be returned in a re-sellable condition: in their original packaging without damage or wear. If you wish to return your order, please contact our Customer Support.


Return policy

Purchased but not shipped: You will receive a full refund.

Purchased and received:

Is very important when you receive the delivery you should check that;

1. The label has the correct bike listed.

If this is not the case, you must take a photo and immediately contact us (support@elecobike.com) and return it to the courier while obtaining the corresponding receipt.

We will have the correct bike shipped thereafter.

2. Any box external damage

If the box is damaged you must take pictures of it BEFORE opening it. Once opened you should also check if the bike is damaged as well. If there are damages please contact our Customer Support ( support@elecobike.com) and attach identifying photos specific to the damage and of the bike itself.

You need to  SEND EMAIL OF the complaint with the Courier and send us the copy (or complaint ticket number) for claim purposes.

If the correct bike was received and there is no apparent external damage but you still want to return the order you must send the order back to ELECOBIKE  no later than 14 days after FIRST communicating with ELECOBIKE that you wish to withdraw from the purchase and return the order.

The cost of return shipment of the bike to will be borne by you and is NOT  refundable.

Sodra Forstadsgatan 4
21143 Malmo Sweden

You are responsible for the safe and secure return of the product. Product must be shipped in its original box or a box of the same measurements. You will bear any & all risks during the transit of the product from the time of delivery through to the return of the product to ELECOBIKE.

Prior to returning the bike, you must send email to  customer support (support@elecobike.com) to inform them of the intention. Once an agreement has been established, can delivery back the product.


Please DO NOT initiate a return WITHOUT CONTACT BEFORE ELECOBIKE by email .


Such returns will be deemed unsuccessful

The communication must also be accompanied by the following documents:

original invoice;

item number / s of the product / s returned / s;

bank on which to obtain the transfer (CIN code – ABI – CAB Current Account of the invoice – Bank support).




ELECOBIKE offers a 2-year Swedish guarantee * for private and 1-year * customers for companies.

The Swedish warranty has many advantages: customer service in Swedish,English , Italian, reasonable and fast shipping costs, shorter times to use the service.

We offer full warranty against any manufacturing defects for every part of our bicycles, including the electrical part and the mechanical part.

Parts with a warranty of less than 24 months, are subject to potential “collapse” by stress, i.e. depending on the intensity and mode of use.

If you purchased a bike and had it then shipped to another country, parts will only be sent to the country in which the bike was originally sent.


Warranty Part
Frame 24 months
Fork with shock absorbers 12 months
Handlebar and its column 12 months
Charger adapter 12 months
Control panel 12 months
LED headlight light 12 months
Taillight led light 12 months
Pedaling sensor 12 months
Engine control unit 12 months
Front wheel with motor 12 months
Battery 6 months

* For parts marked with the word “limited” the 12-month warranty will be recognized after technical expertise, only for demonstrable original manufacturing defect.

Limited chain (*)
Limited tripod (*)
Limited handlebar shift control (*)
Limited front or rear caliper brake (*)
Limited gearbox derailleur assembly (*)
Limited gearbox gear set (*)
Limited brake lever (*)
Limited front gear (*)
Limited plastic chain guard (*)
Limited fender (*)
Pedals and stems limited (*)
Limited Rear Wheel (*)
Saddle and relative limited stem (*)
Limited saddle stem tightening (*)
Limited rear storage frame (*)

Specifically, the warranty does not apply for the following reasons:

Lack of adjustment of mechanical parts (gearbox, brakes, saddle, handlebars, pedals, etc.) Natural wear of worn materials: tires, brakes, cables and tie rods, springs, gaskets, footrests, bodywork, decals and stickers, chain, wheel spokes , bearings Improper use by the buyer (rental, competitions, overload, off-road, etc.).

Natural decay of battery capacity over time Tampering or incorrect repairs carried out by unauthorized third parties.

Damages arising from shock, fall or collision Failure caused by use that does not comply with the notes contained in the user manual delivered to the customer to purchase the vehicle. In particular: products not protected from the weather in the daily storage and in particular no longer working due to humidity;

The battery warranty does not include damage from power surges, use of an improper charger, improper maintenance or other such misuses, normal wear or water damage. structural failures that denote use with weight greater than the maximum allowed (in particular two-use); failures caused by inexperience or poor maintenance.

The products used for commercial rental, rental or equivalent uses are also excluded from any Warranty. Products used for competitions or typical conditions of exasperated use are also excluded from the Guarantee.

Damages consequent to transportation carried out by the Customer are excluded. In case of receipt of damaged material after a third party transport, the Customer is obliged to immediately report the occurrence to the sender. Comply with the regulations and warnings mentioned in the use and maintenance manual. Keep the user and maintenance manual carefully.

Damage caused by bad care or reported after the warranty expires will not be recognized.

The battery warranty is 6 months for both private customers and companies.

Consumable parts are not warranted , including tires, saddles, plastic parts, brakes, brakes rotors,brake pads, brake lines, surface scratches, etc.

Terms of Warranty

This warranty only applies to the original owner of an ELECOBIKE bicycle. This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of defective parts at the sole discretion of ELECOBIKE. This warranty does not cover any damage or defects resulting from failure to follow instructions in the owner’s manual, acts of god, accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, commercial use, alterations, modification, improper assembly, wear and tear, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible with the bicycle as sold, operator error, water damage, extreme riding, stunt riding, or improper follow-up maintenance. Only in extreme cases will an entire replacement bike be issued, in these cases the original bike may have to ship to the ELECOBIKE facility for inspection/repairs before a new bike is sent out. If repairs can be made, a new bike will not always be sent. This warranty does not include consumables or normal wear and tear parts (tires, tubes, brake pads, cables and housing, grips, chain, spokes). ELECOBIKE will not be liable and/or responsible for any damage, failure or loss caused by any unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts.

How to apply for warranty

Step 1: Take a picture/short video of your question.

Step 2: Send a short description of the problem, pictures or videos of issue, order number, platform of purchase to supportelecobike.com.

Step 3: We’ll diagnose your problem and if it’s clear what’s wrong, we’ll provide a solution.

Step 4: When comes to issues that can’t be diagnosed in the first place, we will send you the troubleshooting files, it will needs you to detect according to our detection method and provide us with the corresponding videos or pictures, and we will give a solution after receiving the detection videos or pictures.

Step 5: We will verify your order information and delivery address, and reissue the corresponding accessories to you.

Guarantee on compensation for damages

The warranty does not in any case reimburse for damages caused by the assembly and disassembly or general damage, special damage, secondary damage or damage as a result. The costs related to the installation or removal of the products, any type of test, inspection or displacement of the items, which become necessary through a non-functioning product or through repair, loss of memory data, expenses for the restoration of data lost, lost earnings.